The 3 keys elements to growing your coaching and consulting business

This article will help you incorporate key elements to ensure that you start onboarding clients into your programs and services without the tears.

Tanya Kabuya

12/1/20212 min read

It is 2 o'clock in the morning, you are tossing and turning, trying to sleep, but your brain won't shut down.

Unable to sleep, exhausted, but yet wide awake.

"What if I made a mistake?"

"Maybe I am not cut out for this!"

"Why is it working for insert name, but not for me!"

This scenario has probably happened to so many entrepreneurs and coaches. I am the first to admit that this has been me. Wondering where my next client will come from. The anxiety can be heartwrenching.

If this is you, this article will help you incorporate key elements to ensure that you start onboarding clients into your programs and services without the tears.

I know this may sound cliche if you are a regular reader on this page, but you want to ensure that you have niched down. This is one of the most important things you owe to do for your business.

I often see people introduce themselves as a business coach, a strategist, and many other expert titles, but if you ask them whom they serve, they will not be able to tell me. You want to be clear on what segment of a target market you are serving. I, for example, serve service-based businesses, but my focus is solely on expert businesses. I do not serve photographers and other types of creative businesses. You have to be specific on whom you serve and whom you don't.

Understand your Ideal Customers, inside and out. Often many courses, service providers, and coaching programs solely focus on the demographic characteristics of your ideal customers, but you also want to include the key criteria of your ICA. What are their offers? What are their current careers? Their income goals? This will help you communicate with them better.

You want to standardize your offers. Move away from customizing your programs and services to individuals. Create set programs and packages that you will market. The caveat is that you will have to ensure that all your offers are in tune with your customer's journey. Approach this from a customer's viewpoint, not a business point of view. To understand someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. This is the approach you want to adopt.

These are the 3 key elements to growing any form of coaching or consulting business. Serving a specific niche, instead of trying to be for everyone. This will hinder your growth. Gain a greater understanding of your ICA. Do not solely focus on their demographics, but also think about what the bigger picture is for them. And finally, move away from tailoring your offers to each individual, but standardize your offers so you can scale and grow quicker.

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