Want your internal Sales & Marketing teams to become a lot more efficient & productive?

Our tailored made Sales & Marketing Training program is designed for companies that want to improve their revenues and close more deals. This program will help your internal Sales & Marketing teams become more efficient, effective, and productive.

Suitable for scale-up companies with BDR,SDR,& Marketing teams that are not meeting revenue targets

Transform your sales revenue & accelerate your sales

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This is how we can work together if you are a solopreneur, an Independent consultant, a contractor, or have a lean team of less than 10 & you are looking to scale :

Easy Sales Blueprint coaching program

Is a proven 4-month group coaching program that covers branding, messaging, and sales strategy to help students elevate their brand positioning, and increase their marketing visibility using social media & a content marketing system- So they attract and close high-paying clients and opportunities with ease to grow their income and revenue to $20k month

Easy Sales Blueprint™ will guide you through a process that will allow you to elevate your brand, stand out online & attract premium clients and opportunities using content by applying our APK™ METHOD which has led to our clients quickly growing their income to multiple 6 figures

Easy Sales Blueprint™ is a 4-month intensive coaching program with 90 days of post-program completion support to ensure our clients still feel supported when it comes to implementation

Attract more clients than ever - Get more work and boost business - Enjoy tremendous freedom! Tested method, attain expertise, automate the process, and become an authority

Interested in Easy Sales Blueprint? Find out more right here ( Investment for this program is a high 4 figures, USD$9500 with payment plans stretching for the duration of 12 months starting at USD$1250 P/M)

Attract Clients like a Magnet-Leave your Competition Behind

Offers that sell 30 days coaching intensive

Offers that sell was created as an accessible high-level, high-touch program that will give you the specific strategies that have worked for other service providers like yourself. You will learn the best sales strategies to create high-ticket packages that sell like hot cakes.

This is a coaching intensive that aims Convert prospects into high-paying clients with irresistible offers to show you how to monetize your expertise, passion, & start earning at least $5,000 a Month Coaching & Consulting Clients

This is for you if:

You are an aspiring or new coach, Consultant, or mentor

You are an author or speaker looking to branch into coaching & mentoring

You are an author or speaker who is struggling to get clients as a mentor

You have an agency and offer done for your services

You are struggling to navigate the landscape of the online space

You want to get clear on your niche

Interested in Offers that sell? Find out more right here ( Investment for this program is USD$2500 & Payment plans are available for a 3 month period)

What is the difference between both programs?

The first distinctive thing is that each program focuses on different parts of the entrepreneurial journey.

Offers that sell primarily serve entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their income to the early milestones of their journey: Solopreneurs. Usually, $5-10k,selling offers that are less than USD$1K, and would like to put together a high ticket offer that sells, around $2k-5k AT MINIMUM

They are usually transitioning from lower - mid ticket offers, aren't too sure about their niche ( Ideal client avatar), and have no knowledge to very little knowledge around creating a content marketing strategy that attracts clients, how to write converting copy for their marketing campaigns, and would like to also build a highly targeted community of their ideal clients so they can easily get clients organically

Easy sales blueprint on the other hand is for the coach , independent consultant, or small consulting firm, that understands who they are serving, and knows that they are great at what they do but feels like the industry's best-kept secret. They want to elevate their brands and marketing message to attract a higher caliber of clients while not being stuck in the grip of death of RFPs.They know what result their most-ideal client gets - because they actually had clients who got those results. But they haven't actually thought through what really makes them ideal, and what made them able to get that result, in such a way that they can call them forward in their messaging to get far more of them as clients than they have now. Their goal is to get to multiple high 6 six figures as they feel stuck at $5-15k months. What we do together on this program is refine the way our clients describe their services, methods, outcomes, and best-fit client - and, if needed, refine the way the work is packaged and delivered so that it's effective and efficient while calling in their dream clients by leveraging a content ecosystem that will allow them to charge more for less of their time.

Easy sales blueprint comes with not only support from Tanya Kabuya as a head coach, but also other high-touch support from other experts such as launch specialists, copywriter/messaging coaches, support coaches, mindset Coaches, and a level of DFY support

What some of our past clients had to say

 This program is really the best, it is essentially business school condensed. Tanya gave her last shirt with this. From how to build relevance in the market, to growing your brand organically, becoming an authority to stand out online, closing sales like a boss, and understanding how people make decisions to buy premium offers, she didn't come to play. When she calls herself a strategy genius, this girl understands marketing. I thought offers that sell was good, but ESB is where it is at. Could easily be a 5 figures investment

Evelina B.-Social Media Manager

$35k in contract for January & $22k CASH collected This is crazy! Literally the most money I have seen in my life. Almost 10 000 000 Naira CASH!! On top na legit I do ooo Ah! With this my small agency running from Nigeria. This one no be joke o! You encouraged me even when I thought that me being Nigerian would be a problem to find clients. My small agency has just rocked my life. This investment was worth every penny

- Albert N. Content Marketing Agency

Easy sales blueprint is clear, concise, and has a no-fluff approach to the business of coaching. This program helps build a solid foundation for your coaching business. It will get you on the right path to make an impact in your industry whether you are a new coach or a seasoned coach

Christina W.-Money Mindset Coach

The Priceless advice when it comes to digital marketing. I learned the processes of pushing your Instagram page and a whole lot more

Pumi N.-Training Provider & Independent consultant

Easy sales blueprint will turn you into a Business athlete, it certainly did with me. Tanya definitely dishes on strategy in the program. This program is primarily on business principles, strategies, Branding, lead generation, and sales closing. This is primarily focused on your revenue-generating activities

Marie L.-Femininity Coach

I have worked with Tanya as a creative director/producer for my show.She has shown herself to be assertive,very creative, and quite knowledgeable in the online marketing space and content creation

Titilayo O.- Public Speaker & Christian Pastor

Khanya D, Consulting & Independent Contractor

Tanya is a marketing engineer. She can take someone's business goals & engineer a marketing strategy that is efficient.That requires a deeper level understanding of marketing. The Knowledge,expertise,and resources is relevant to the growth of our business in relation to our business objectives.The expertise and resources have helped guide the business on a path to earn millions in revenue

T. Patrick . H., Tech Founder,Software Developer, & Solutions Architect