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Stop using these words...

Let me share something with you that many may not be aware of

Undermining someone's capacity to pay for your services because of their place of origin or where they stay may be costing you money.

I have noticed an interesting pattern in the coaching space that often gets me laughing, and that is the whole "Third world country" people narrative and purchasing power, while undermining their psychological make up for buying

Let me help you understand something.

I am going to speak from an African perspective because I am one.

Because the vast majority of Africans do not have access to credit, except from the southern part like South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and co, which for most aspects operates like first world countries, many are cash buyers.

You will find this trait in primarily people with west, east, and central Africa.

They buy their properties mostly cash, which are often thousands of $$$, some even millions.

Ask any realtor about the African property investors where you are from

However, they are primarily what would be described as investor buyers.

They will make a way, take the risk, if they think the ROI is  absolutely worth it.

It may shock you but allow me to inform you that you find a lot of middle class, educated people on this continent, and also a number of millionaires.

Just like anywhere else we have our issues, and most Africans are working at building our continent.

However, the surest way to ensure that we don't buy from you is when you use these 3 words "third world countries"

We find it condescending, annoying, and infuriating.

See, that my 1 kobo, you will not see it if I see you using these words, even if you offer me a paved way in gold to heaven

And FYI, Calendly founder ails from a Third World Country

Yours Faithfully,

Third World Country Citizen

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Your inability to make a sale has nothing to do with your products or services . It has everything to do with those interested in protecting the status quo.

Here is a sobering thought that many entrepreneurs unfortunately ignore to the demise of their revenue margins. 

You need to understand human behavior and psychology in marketing and sales. After all, businesses sell to humans. And, whether you’re selling to consumers or businesses, the objective is the same: to earn and retain a customer.

So, what do you do if you have met someone like Anna? 

Focus your efforts on empowering them as advocates for the solution. Challenge your customer to see the bigger picture. Incidentally, they become the hero of their own story

And who doesn't like being a hero? 

We all love superheroes right? 

Instead of chasing your prospects, and them playing Dicaprio's character in "catch me if you can", guide them through the solution without triggering their fight or flee response that traditional sales techniques advocate. 

You are less likely to have to wrestle clients to the ground for the sale this way. 

So, How do you do that? 

You use content to do the heavy lifting for you

But maybe not how you have been doing it. 

And don't worry made those mistakes too many times as well, and it ended in tears. 

I have however found a much better way to use content to advocate for my services, and that is what I show my clients inside my programs. 

If you would like to take a 30000 ft view on our approach to content, check out "content ecosystem via the link in bio" 

*This is not a free course, this is a look at my phylosophy around content and why 97% of entrepreneurs are either doing it wrong, or teaching the wrong thing

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As we step into a new week,I wanted to motivate you. I know that a number of entrepreneurs are feeling the pinch of the probable downturn in the economy and possible #recession ,I wanted to remind you that even the big companies we admire today,once upon a time may have been in your shoes

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I rarely do interviews for #ExperTalk, a series that happens weekly inside my Facebook community, but tomorrow is one day where I'm actually doing one

I am hosting PollyAnna Brown, a Business Insider writer and PR specialist, and we will be discussing how you can leverage media opportunities and Public relations to grow your brand and business 

And if you are interested in participating, drop a "interested" in the comment section, and I'll send you the zoom link

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Are you a coach, consultant, or expert currently building a business and are tired of running a content creation mill with little to no results?

There is a popular misconception about using content to attract clients. That is you have to give a ton of "value" so they can trust you.

This has been misconstrued as giving your best stuff for free so people can buy from you.

Giving value to the prospects is not you teaching them what you do to prove your worth in gold but instead bringing awareness to how you solve their problem

If you want to know: How do you get new clients without chasing them? Or you want to learn how to create more conversations with the right people without turning into a content Creation monster

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